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  Michael Hoskins 764d93e65b initial release - 1.0 5 years ago
  Michael Hoskins 7cad03420d making it my own 5 years ago
  Wayou Liu ddc77237f5 resolve #21 6 years ago
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  Prashant Andani 382d47b2d7 standard property 'user-select' for compatibility 7 years ago
  Wayou Liu 0b037945b4 Update 7 years ago
  wayou 3c9d97cd3f revert back: click restart button to restart the game, cause if click so fast you may not see the game over screen and the new game stared, that's weird 7 years ago
  wayou 52f9c25731 author info 7 years ago
  wayou a307f5994c optimize for mobile 7 years ago
  wayou 27b548d376 fix img path online 7 years ago
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  Dennis Guse c09b1b727e Gamepad is working for jumps. 7 years ago
  Dennis Guse 2236e7ceeb Start on Gamepadconnected event. 7 years ago