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Einhänder Demake

This was the first shmup game I played that was almost fully 3d, made by Squaresoft for the PlayStation. It's a pretty slick (and difficult) game, and I've always had fun never beating it.

One day I started making some sprites, and I keep plugging them into a tiny shmup engine that I keep adding stuff to, so who knows? Maybe someday it'll turn into something playable.

The goal for this project is to try and make a shmup with graphics that look less tile-based.


Gun Sprite:up Sprite:down Sprite:tween Animation Programming
Vulcan x x x x
Cannon x x x x
Spreader x x
Wasp x x
Grenade x x
Hedgehog x x


Only going to worry about Stage 1 enemies for now.

  • Schabe - basic police car
    • Sprite work done
  • Uhu (and variants) - police car with gunpod
  • Greif - sub-boss, hovering robot
  • Drache - boss, walking tank